Off Grid System

Off grid system mostly for installation where utility power grid not available or easy to access. Mostly for remote and mobile applications. The system is simple to install. It can be from a small to a large scale system. All the power store in the batteries and can be use any time.

The main components of the system include the solar panel, charge controller, battery and inverter. Charge controller regulate the power from the solar panel and prevent overcharging the battery. Battery banks are mostly in 12V, 24V and 48V configuration. 12V battery bank is more common in a small system. Mostly for boat, RV, trailer and cabin installation. 24V and 48V battery banks are more popular for large size systems, cottage, house and commercial installations.

An inverter is required to convert the battery DC power to AC power unless all the items are running off DC power. Some inverters can stack together to increase the inverter size. Some inverters also have the built-in battery charge to charge the battery from the generator or shore power.

A generator can be install as a backup in case it need more power. It can power the system and charge the battery at the same time.

Off grid system

Off grid system